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Favorite Blogs

  • 43 Folders
    Great info on productivity and time management.
  • 800-CEO-READ Blog
    Recommending and selling business books
  • ArtsJournal
    Daily digest of arts, culture and ideas
  • Boing Boing
    A Directory of Wonderful Things
  • Brand Autopsy
    Alleviating the pain and suffering marketing problems are inflicting upon businesses
  • BroadwayStars
    Everything you need to know about theatre, every day.
  • Business 2.0
    What works. What's cool. What's next.
  • Church of the Customer
    All about word of mouth, customer evangelism and citizen marketers.
  • ClickZ
    Internet Marketing Solutions for Marketers
  • CMO Magazine
    The Resource for Marketing Executives
  • Corante New York
    Latest tech and business developments in New York City.
  • Duct Tape Marketing
    A blog channel of 9 marketing-specific blogs
  • Fast Company Now
    Fast Company magazine's staff Weblog
  • Intelliblog
    Tracks trends, issues, ideas and interesting discoveries in the fields of marketing, marketing intelligence, brand management, product development and corporate reputation
  • Jaffe Juice
    An unshackled, uncensored and uninhibited dialogue on the subjects of new marketing, advertising and creativity
  • MarketingProfs
    Marketing Concepts and Strategies: Expert Articles and Commentaries
  • Micro Persuasion
    Steve Rubel blogs on how weblogs and citizen journalism are impacting public relations.
  • Robin Good's Latest News
    Independent Publishing News, e-Marketing Articles, Online Collaboration Reviews
  • Seth's Godin
    Bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change
  • The Industry Standard
    Internet News for Internet Business
  • WebSense
    Marketing, Advertising, Media and Business -- Reshaped
  • Wired News
    News site and magazine, covering technology, culture, business and politics.


July 24, 2005


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